Effective defense is about collaborating with other public sector organizations to share information and approaches. Capgemini’s Defense Logistics and Support Systems solution ensures defense organizations and supporting agencies have access to the right equipment and services to achieve military effectiveness at home or abroad.

The need for a single enterprise system that supports transparency and collaboration isn’t just about ensuring military units receive what they need, when they need it in different warzones. It also supports the military’s indispensable role in resolving current 21st century non-combative problems.

Hans Sonneveld
Capgemini Director, Global Defense Practice

Creating a United Front in Defense

Capgemini is leading the industry in developing and providing the information systems and technology services to support the wide-ranging requirements of current military operations. We assist with all aspects of defense transformation projects including strategy, operations, organization, change management and information technology.

Capgemini’s Defense Logistics and Support Systems solution focuses on 3 specialty areas:

  • Transformation of military business
  • Military business ICT
  • Defense outsourcing

Our solution helps defense organizations and supporting defense agencies connect with the ERP systems adopted by their commercial partners in recent years, providing:

  • Centralized information, planning and resourcing capabilities across the different services to support effective joint operations
  • Effective management of projects involving large-scale change transformation

A Progressive Approach to Defense

To reduce the cost and risk associated with rapid transformation, Capgemini has developed a “Building Block Factory” approach. This uses industrialized processes for system design and development to obtain quick and reliable results.

In the Building Block Factory, a number of successful concepts are combined such as the Accelerated Solutions Environment to speed up design and decision-making, and Rightshore® to engage the right capabilities and maximize cost effectiveness.

Collaborative Expertise for the Military Environment

Capgemini recognizes that the collaboration demanded in today’s military environment is both a technology and a business issue. We combine our considerable expertise in business transformation, operations and training, planning, and logistics, with the development of integration frameworks in a defense context.

We have extensive experience in helping defense organizations and supporting defense agencies across the world transform their organizations and develop new systems. In fact, we are the leading implementation partner for SAP DFPS, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) module for armed forces.

Our portfolio includes projects in France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Mexico, the United States, India and Australia. Specifically, we helped transform the Netherlands’ Ministry of Defense into a truly collaborative joint force using ERP.

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