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Capgemini hosts Australia first Stanford Women in Data Science Conference

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On March 8th, 2017, Capgemini hosted Australia’s first Stanford Women in Data Science in our Accelerated Solutions Environment in Sydney.  With over 70+ participants from business, technology and academia in attendance, the two hour event comprised of a series of fast talks followed by a panel of inspirational speakers sharing their insights to ‘Journeys for Success’.  Attendees also learned about the transformative power of blockchain, the importance of data-driven decision making for customer centricity, how to foster a culture of experimentation, and the fundamentals of data to make our cities smarter.
Below are some of the key highlights: 
  • Blockchain has the power to be the biggest disrupter of all time. Loretta Joseph from Sydney Stock Exchange addressed how innovations in settlements and funding markets are drawing upon the concepts of Blockchain to lower cost and received funding faster than ever before.
  • Large FinTech players need to use data to drive their decisions like never before. Customer expectations are becoming more demanding and, with it, the way business should be interacting with their clients. Amy Shi-Nash, Head of Data Sciences at Commonwealth Bank, says overcoming these challenges require data and not perception to drive decisions.
  • The most obvious solution might not be the best; you should seek the truth to find the answer. A data scientist means two things: someone who works with data and someone who uses the scientific method to make discoveries argued Google's Wendy Glasgow who leads the Advanced Data Solutions team. Data scientists must look beyond the easy answers and find the truth in the numbers to gain any real insights.
  • Data can provide a means to optimise while protecting the environment. Dr. Fang Chen from CSIRO's Data 61 explained how insights gained from data provides new ways to streamline cities to make them smarter. For example, a town's water supply can be optimised to provide water when it is most needed, using data to predict those times.
  • Women have a lot to offer the modern work environment; be bold for change. Our panel was moderated by Stanford Ambassador Vaishali Vijay and featured Priya Parthasarathy from Capgemini, Natalie Nguyen from HyerAnna, Dr. Carol Anne Hargraves from Business Data Analytics Solutions, and Katerina Kolich from BNZ.  The panel discussed their journeys to success and across a range of topics, including machine learning, the challenges of being a female CEO, and strategies to overcome obstacles in the workspace. Their overarching advice for young female leaders was that they have a great deal to offer the modern work environment and that we all must be bold for change. 
Women@Capgemini is proud to have been associated with the Stanford Women in Data Science conference to connect and inspire women to reach their full potential. 
N.B: To watch a replay of the event, please click here

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