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Announcing our big win in Social Recruitment - LinkedIn Top Social Recruiters 2017

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LinkedIn Top Social Recruiters 2017

We are proud to announce that two Capgemini Recruiters are listed in ‘LinkedIn Top Social Recruiters 2017 Asia Pacific’  

LinkedIn Top Social Recruiters is conferred to next generation recruiters who have successfully changed the face of recruiting industry in APAC region. Our recruiters embrace social recruiting by connecting the dots through their social networks to attract and hire top talent. 
The way talent searches and applies for jobs is changing, and digital plays a key role. Along with being experts in using the LinkedIn recruiter tool, our star recruiters agree that networking with their target talent community is important before they match them with an opportunity. This recognition reinforces Capgemini’s commitment to transform our digital approach to source, engage & brand our potential talent pool in a competitive environment. We are ranked # 3 among top 25 companies are the best in India at attracting and keeping top talent, according to LinkedIn data.
Meet our 2 star recruiters, who are in the list: 
“Social sourcing is imperative in today’s world and it has become an integral part of our recruitment strategy. My experience with LinkedIn has been truly amazing! It has enabled me to attract high quality candidates for niche roles.” - Tomy Halim
Connect with Tomy to explore opportunities in end to end digital transformation projects. 
In addition, one of our employee was also identified as a Mentor to LinkedIn Top Social Recruiters along with seven other Talent Acquisition leaders across industries (IBM, Airtel, Flipkart, Target, HCL, LinkedIn and Cipla) in India. 
Ekta Sachdeva
"Being part of 'Niche Hire' Team of Capgemini, we have an innate need to identify candidates from a limited talent pool, and to fulfill such complex demands a strong social hiring strategy is of paramount importance. Capgemini believes and empowers the Talent Acquisition team with digital & social tools to target top talent." - Ekta Sachdeva 
Connect with Ekta to explore opportunities in Big Data and Digital. 

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