Big Data & Analytics

As a leading provider of services, Capgemini has the expertise and experience to deliver on Big Data projects. They make it easy for companies to derive value from their Big Data investment. Together, we are helping define the future of data management by enabling enterprise data hubs – one place to store all data for as long as desired in its original fidelity – and by ensuring that Big Data customers can benefit from Cloudera’s technology leadership and Capgemini’s services expertise.

Tom Reilly,
Chief Executive Officer, Cloudera


Today's business has more data than ever. Hidden in this is the information that can set your business apart. Our Business Analytics & Big Data practice will help you turn shapeless data into actionable insight.

Follow our Data Dimensions video series where our experts help you understand big data and how you can use it to create business change.

Business Analytics Services

Big Data Technologies

    • BIM CUBE Lab

    • BIM Core technologies

    • Big Data Methodology

    • Big Data Technology (eg. Hadoop & MapReduce capabilities)

    • Elastic Analytics

    • Predictive Analytic methods

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